300ml/10oz Feeding Bottles

300ml/10oz BPA-free Feeding Bottle

This bottle is convenient and easy for babies to grasp. It is fitted with tot care's Soft Nipple that helps reduce colic and overall discomfort. Air will always remain in the bottle and tot care's soft nipple has accounted for this. When babies suck the fluid, a vacuum is created and fresh air flows into the bottle through the nipple's base valves and fills this vacuum. This will ensure that air will only fill the space as babies suck the liquid and therefore reduce the possibility of air leaking into their stomachs. This feeding bottle has an indicator that will alert you when your baby's feed is too hot.

This product features:

  • Fitted with tot care's Soft Nipple
  • Helps calm your baby
  • Reduces colic
  • Includes a heat indicator

This bottle is available in the following nipple flows:

  • TC5003-1:    Fast flow nipple (6m+)
  • TC5003-2:    Free flow nipple (3m+) with handles